Summer Camp 2018


June 25-29       6+      Drawing/Painting    $300.     FULL, waiting list


10-10:30 Mornings begin with a 15-30 minute warm-up of journaling and/or free drawing, thoughts and ideas on art, learning about artists and/or journal projects.
10:30-10:45  Snack
10:45-12:00  Studio time with instruction
12:00-12:30  Lunch and Story (art related reading or game)
12:30-2:00    Studio time with instruction


Includes still life painting; representation and observation; abstraction and gesture; color mixing, brush and palette knife use; class reflections and group critiques; looking at artists for inspiration; using traditional acrylics, temperas, and watercolors.

Includes loop making with wire and a round nose plier to link beads together to make bracelets and earrings; use recycled materials to make medallion necklaces, pasta and cardboard beads, and cardboard bracelet cuffs; hand build clay to make beads 

Above is a general description of my painting and jewelry classes. To be more specific to the week of camp, we will paint in the morning, and make jewelry in the afternoon. A fun challenge this year will be to make your own paint by number kit, partner with another student, then trade with each other to paint your partner’s designed kit! Much thought will go into the composition of the painting, and mixing the colors. In the jewelry portion of the day, students will observe photos of various traditional and contemporary pieces of jewelry as inspiration for their own designs.

Some of our morning sketching exercises may be used as plans for our paintings and jewelry making.