Summer Camp 2017—SUMMER 2018 Dates Coming Soon!


July 10-14       6+      Drawing/Painting    $300.    Full, waiting list 


10-10:30 Mornings begin with a 15-30 minute warm-up of journaling and/or free drawing, thoughts and ideas on art, learning about artists and/or journal projects.
10:30-10:45  Snack
10:45-12:00  Studio time with instruction
12:00-12:30  Lunch and Story (art related reading or game)
12:30-2:00    Studio time with instruction


Includes still life and nature drawing; study of line, shape, form, space, tone, composition, movement, and gesture; looking at artists for inspiration; and group critiques; work in traditional ink, charcoal, pencil, as well as non-traditional materials.

Includes still life painting; representation and observation; abstraction and gesture; color mixing, brush and palette knife use; class reflections and group critiques; looking at artists for inspiration; using traditional acrylics.

Above is a general description of my drawing and painting classes. To be more 
specific to the week of camp, we will draw in the morning, and paint in the afternoon. We will also use the drawing books of Ed Emberley. Students will make their own Emberley challenges and share with one another. Please see link here. We will also explore some non-traditional drawing. (For example using sticks with charcoal on the end, or dipping twigs in ink, to name a few)

Some of our morning sketches may be used as plans for our paintings in the afternoon, which will be mostly painting with different mediums. If we have time, I hope to do some building with recycled materials based on our drawings.