Monday, May 13, 2013

Ming Vases

I saw this wonderful lesson on an art blog. I tweaked it a bit. We learned about Ming Vases, we discussed the time they were originally made, uses for them, and that they were traditionally blue and white. Students learned about how to draw vases using imaginary guidelines and ellipses to understand the form. Keeping in mind the light source they blended various blue oil pastels gradating light to dark. White acrylic paint was painted over the oil pastels and we used toothpicks to scratch out patterns and designs. When they were dry we cut them out and placed them onto patterned paper. I set up a vase and lit if from one side so students could see what the shadows would do. Applying what they learned from this observation they used charcoal pencil to put in their shadows. I'm so pleased with the results! I love the play of patterns. The students spent quite a few weeks on these and I believe it shows!

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